Posting on this Blog – The “Rules of the Road”

If you’re a member of GWRRA please register, create a password and we will shortly approve you to make entirely new postings here.  Your name or email address will not be shared or used in any way.  These new posts will have their own separate headings and will be readily shown to our visitors, whereas comments are not as readily visible.  Please make sure that you select one of the proper categories when saving your posts.

Readers of our blog (the general public) can make comments by simply giving their first name and email address – which also will not be shared.

NO REGISTRATION is required to simply leave a comment.

Please understand that the administrator of the blog (me!!!!!) must approve all content prior to being visible to the public.  Sorry, but this is just me being a bit of a “control freak”.  But, I promise to review and approve as soon as physically possible.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy this extra piece of ‘webbyness’ for Chapter A.


1 Response to PLEASE READ

  1. Mark Wall says:

    How do you register for this blog site?

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