Are you a ‘Biker’?

I’ve also heard guys say things like, “Real bikers ride in the rain.” Well,
I guess I’m not a real biker because I drive my cage when it’s raining. But
I consider that an intelligence issue.

I also hear conversations that if you have a good job and make great money,
somehow you have been disqualified from being a real biker because you are
now a yuppie or a R.U.B. (rich urban biker). Well, I plead guilty again
because I have a pretty good job, and I do okay. I guess I’ve lost points
again on the real biker scale.

Do tattoos, outrageous haircuts or earrings get you closer to the Holy Grail
of real bikerhood? How about the folks who ride sport bikes, Gold Wings or
trikes? Are they real bikers? Can a Gold Winger ever become a real biker?
According to many so-called experts, once you get a Gold Wing, you get
busted back down to Private. Zero points on the real biker scale. What
happens to a real biker if he suddenly loses his mind and — God forbid —
buys a …Read the Article

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Last Homecoming for Honda in Marysville

It was the first day of the homecoming, which allows riders to reunite and celebrate the history of their bikes at their place of origin. The event is expected to draw 8,000 to 10,000 people before it ends Saturday.

“It gives you a real sense of pride,” said Scott Craig, an assembly team leader at the plant who was enjoying the festivities. “All of the guys have a lot of good stories from all over the place. You never meet a customer who didn’t enjoy their Gold Wing.”

Since the plant announced that motorcycle production will cease in June 2009, homecoming planners have been preparing to go out in style.

“I think we’re all sad to see it go because it’s been such a great thing,” said Jan Gansheimer, the plant manager. “So we’re trying to do it up right and make it a good last one.”

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Clear Your Calendars and get ready for some Riding and Eating

MAY 2008

Date – May 31
DoW – Saturday
Meeting Time – 9:45AM
Assembly Point – CITGO (I-75 @ Exit 216
Event – Ride to Benton Lee’s Steak House (click for web site)
Notes – Altamaha River in Uvalda, Georgia
Ride Leader – Don Severs

Come one come all we’re going for Steaks. We’ll be doing back roads and interstate down and back. The planned trip will be down 23/42 to Macon and then pick up I-75 to I-16. We’ll have a bathroom and gas break at the Dublin exit 51 then proceed on to Benton Lee’s. The Return trip will be back roads from Benton Lee’s and then I-16 and I-75 home with a rest and gas stop again in Dublin. If more stops are needed they can be done. I know that some of you have been there before and can attest to the size of the steaks and if you doubt it just click on the link to Benton Lee’s Steak House above. I plan on getting there around 1:30 to 2:00 PM and leaving around 3:00 to 3:30 PM, according to Mr. Garmin its 155 miles each way and about 2:46 hours each way. It will be a long day, but you won’t come home hungry

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The HONDA Dream

Like many, today I’m watching the Indy 500.  It’s amazing to think that the company that built most of the engines powering today’s race was born so many years ago in Japan.  In 1949 Soichiro Honda had a dream, a dream about a motorcycle.  Many youngsters driving all those Accords & Civics today don’t even realize that, if it weren’t for these first motorcycles, the Honda car company wouldn’t even be here.  Just a little something to think about.

Here’s something like the Honda that got me started back in 1969 – a 1965 305 Honda Super Hawk.  Many think this was the “300 Dream” but it’s not.  The Dream had a welded steel unibody, no frame.  The Super Hawk (and it’s brother, the 250 Scrambler) had regular steel pipe frames.

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