Honda Gold Wing Long Term Wrap-Up

Gold Wingby Basem Wasef (

Dear Honda,

First, a hearty congratulations on your Gold Wing GL1800! I wasn’t a Gold Wing virgin before I picked up my long term tester about a year and a half ago, but time spent with the bike gave me a much clearer understanding of why GLs have developed such a zealous following.

Washing it got me acquainted with its unique bodywork, comprehensive controls, and low-hanging flat-six powerplant. But the proof was in the riding, which revealed deep reserves of power, stability, and comfort. Not only is the rider treated to a cushy saddle, easy ergonomics, and virtually every creature comfort you could ask for on a bike, there’s also a low center of gravity which makes this 900+ pound leviathan surprisingly maneuverable. Power is also ample, and I enjoyed showing up young punks at stoplights on more than one occasion; heck, once I even donned my race leathers to demonstrate that the GL can actually be ridden like a sportbike. And the stump-pulling torque was so addictive…

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