Cancellation of Some Events Due to Coronavirus Concerns

From our CD, Bonnie McCroskey….

With the current health situation that we are facing, it has become necessary to cancel some of our upcoming events.

As a precaution we are cancelling this month’s Traveler’s Plaque giveaway AND our monthly gathering (Saturday March 21st).

We have also made the decision to cancel the next 2 events – our Hump Day Ride next week (Tuesday March 24th) as well as our March Game Night (Saturday the 28th).

We will continue to monitor the situation and if the safety of our members and friends is still a concern, we may cancel additional events.

We will keep everyone up to date on current information as it becomes available. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do for you and your families during these trying times.

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2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B Deluxe

2013 Honda GoldWing F6BDeluxe

2013 Honda GoldWing F6BDeluxe

The Gold Wing motorcycle has been the gold standard for two-passenger, long-distance trips for nearly 30 years, and the 2013 Honda Gold Wing Audio Comfort will continue that legacy. The latest electronics create user-friendly navigation and audio systems that make costal and countryside travels even more luxurious than before. The smooth, 118-horsepower engine combined with sporty handling makes for an enjoyable ride for both driver and passenger.

A new, built-in MP3/iPod interface plays your favorite tunes through an SRS CS Auto surround-sound system, while the navigational system guides you to your destination. Additionally, an improved GPS receiver snags satellite signals to accurately guide the rider through the proper lanes as they approach junctions. Sleek body work, superior wind protection, and a smooth suspension will keep you comfortable, but you won’t have to sacrifice storage space, as significant luggage capacity will hold all of your belongings while keeping them safe from the weather.

Also new for the 2013 Gold Wing Audio Comfort is the option of Grey Metallic and Light Silver Metallic paint jobs, which join Ultra Blue Metallic and Candy Red. While the Honda Gold Wing Audio Comfort is the base model, three upgrade levels are available starting with the Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM, which incorporates a satellite-linked navigation system and XM Radio, Weather, and Traffic. The next model in line is the Navi XM ABS, which adds combine anti-lock brakes to the previous upgrade. The last model in line is the 2013 Gold Wing Airbag, which includes the previous upgrades and a First Motorcycle Airbag.

Read more:

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2012 Honda Gold Wing Adventure Ride

Red 2012 Gold Wing

2012 Gold Wing on the Blue Ridge Parkway

by Ken Hutchison – Motorcycle USA

The Honda Gold Wing has always been a popular motorcycle here in the USA offices. We’ve ridden them all over the country, but these big touring bikes had fallen off the radar for a few years. That all changed when Honda revealed a new and improved 2012 Gold Wing. We had our first taste of the bike during a brief day ride in Southern California a few months back but the folks from American Honda were keen to remind us just how great their luxury touring motorcycle is by dragging us to the east coast for a long, grueling ride through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

To read the entire article –

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Motorcycle Safety “Tip of the Day” from the MSF

Hello, I’m Dr. Ray Ochs, the director of training systems for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. If you’ve taken a rider education course in the United States, chances are that your class used the MSF curriculum, which is based on decades of research, study and practical experience. The MSF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to rider training, education and improving rider safety.

Check Dr. Ochs’ Tips of the Day – – Archives are listed there as well.  You can also follow Dr. Ochs tips on Twitter –

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Building a Honda Gold Wing Trike

Take a look at a slightly faster Trike build at Gary’s Hobbie Shop – 770-914-0407

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Riding the Honda Gold Wing Like a Sportbike

Article By Basem Wasef

Back when we had a Honda Gold Wing in the long term test garage, I tried riding the “886 pound touring beast” like a sportbike.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with that idea: as a way to promote and, a knee-dragging, track video of a Honda Gold Wing was posted on

The vid is amusing enough, at least for the first few turns… but once the novelty fades, it does beg the question: what if you unleashed Andrea Dovizioso or Dani Pedrosa on a ‘Wing and a track?

Dunno about you, but I’d pay to watch MotoGP-level skills applied to the plus-sized ‘Wing. 

Read Basem’s article here

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Honda Gold Wing Long Term Wrap-Up

Gold Wingby Basem Wasef (

Dear Honda,

First, a hearty congratulations on your Gold Wing GL1800! I wasn’t a Gold Wing virgin before I picked up my long term tester about a year and a half ago, but time spent with the bike gave me a much clearer understanding of why GLs have developed such a zealous following.

Washing it got me acquainted with its unique bodywork, comprehensive controls, and low-hanging flat-six powerplant. But the proof was in the riding, which revealed deep reserves of power, stability, and comfort. Not only is the rider treated to a cushy saddle, easy ergonomics, and virtually every creature comfort you could ask for on a bike, there’s also a low center of gravity which makes this 900+ pound leviathan surprisingly maneuverable. Power is also ample, and I enjoyed showing up young punks at stoplights on more than one occasion; heck, once I even donned my race leathers to demonstrate that the GL can actually be ridden like a sportbike. And the stump-pulling torque was so addictive…

Read Basem’s article

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